Pick and choose from an extensive variety of cutting-edge classes that will energize your movements with the rhythm of exhilarating music. Workout with the movements you love best!

Dance your way to cardio fitness with BodyJam.Ride your cycling workout with RPM. Unleash a fusion of cardio workout and martial arts with BodyCombat.  

Power up every muscle in your body with the barbell class BodyPump. Party your way to fitness with the red-hot, calorie-burning moves of Zumba and Latin Dance. Delight in the exotic body movements of the Belly Dance. Follow your desire!

- Instructor certified by Les Mills: RPMTM , BodyPumpTM, BodyCombatTM, BodyJamTM,
- Dancer in Big Toe Crew
- Certificate of Zumba International Instructor 
- Choreographer
- 2006: Performed in Traffic show with 2 Masters Hiphop Storm (German), Seb (French).
- 2007:
  + First Prize Halo 4 – Breaking Category
  + First Prize Showcase Competition (Breaking) in China
  + First Prize Young Talents Competition in Beatboxing
  + Performed in Traffic Show Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city.
  + Performed in Vietname – Korea Cultural Exchange show.
  + Performed in Time Machine show – Vietnam – Denmark Cultural Exchange show.
- 2008:
  + Rank 6th in South East Asia Battle of the Year in Thailand
  + Performed in “Faces” Show in Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh city & Indonesia.
- 2009:
  + First Prize in Showcase Hiphop Ring Master
- BodyJamTM, BodyPumpTM, BodyCombatTM, RPM, Dance Freestyle (Step & Aerobic), GX Orientation, BumsNTums, Shape Up, Crunch, Cycling, Zumba, Dance Rymths, , Belly Dance, Salsa Dance