Transformative, exclusive and the first of its kind, the Centuryon Membership is more than just an elite group of members. It’s an intelligent, powerful statement of one’s commitment to enhancing the quality of your life. With this unique membership, you will be provided with truly valuable, convenient and life enhancing tools; allowing you to achieve the highest quality of life in a new modern globally connected world. A dedicated team of professionals are committed to helping you reach your full potential; giving you the confidence to achieve goals and live a quality of life you never before thought possible. This is a membership for the person who accepts nothing less than the very best. 
- 2 Adults within immediate family 20-65 years of age.
- Children under age 19. 
- Grandparents over 65 years old.
- All club access in NEV network worldwide. 
- Centuryon VIP workout area, aerobics room, locker, shower and parking area.
- VIP guest privileges.
- Advanced booking on all classes.
- VIP Towel and robe service.
- VIP Party invitations.
- VIP Jacuzzi & Hydrotherapy spa, steam & sauna.
- Comprehensive Health Analysis.
- New limited edition shirt and gymbag yearly.