This program is a culmination of years of scientific research on achieving your body’s optimum health and incorporates the latest discoveries on how the human body responds to food and exercise. We believe that in order to achieve a long term healthy quality of life it must be simple to incorporate. This is why we use 3 simple philosophies in the California Life Enhancement System:

1. Integration, not Discipline – Our program is designed to integrate conveniently with your lifestyle, enabling you to live life on your terms. Rather than trying – and inevitably failing – to follow a strictly disciplined doctrine, LES helps you to make smart choices and enjoy every moment.

2. Enhancement, not Sacrifice – Our program is designed to enhance the quality of your life, providing you with the confidence, energy and vitality to get the most out of your day. We don’t believe that living a healthy active life should ever mean having to sacrifice the things enjoy most in life.

3. Achievement, not Complexity – Many people feel overwhelmed by the often conflicting information about fad diets and exercise crazes that they are bombarded with every day. With California LES, we take the guess work and frustration away. We will give you a simple and easy to follow guide that guarantees results and empowers you to reach your full potential, long-term.

California LES will help you to increase your metabolism and transform your body into an energy burning machine without needing to spend hours in the gym each day. Your professional trainer will show you how to exercise better to achieve results you can see and feel, fast. California LES will also help you to reconnect with the joy of eating. By enjoying regular, balanced and satisfying meals and choosing unprocessed over processed foods, you will maximize the impact of your workouts, boost your health and even burn more calories at rest. No more cravings, no more over eating and no mid-afternoon slumps – just boundless energy.
Here are six components to the California Life Enhancement System:

1. Proper nutrition – Create the optimum environment for change. Enjoy a diet of high quality macronutrients – i.e. proteins, carbohydrates and fats
– that are nutrient-rich and calorie light. Following a low glycaemic diet, we will control insulin levels in the body increasing your ability to burn fat and increase lean tissue.

2.Cardiovascular interval training – Generate EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) to maximize metabolic effect and stimulate your natural vitality and energy. By varying your heart rate between 60% and 85% of its maximum level for a minimum of 20 minutes, EPOC triggers the release of essential hormones that effect metabolism, such as testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) and creates a state of wellbeing with the release of dopamine and endorphins.

3.Resistance training – The only way to increase bone density and natural metabolic levels. Shape and sculpt your body into your desired look. Increase your bone density, lean muscle tissue and metabolism enhancing your body’s ability to naturally burn more calories.

4. Flexibility – Reduce risk of injury with proper stretching.
Remove energy blocks and increase blood flow and nutrients to your muscles. Improve the mind – body connection by stimulating the pathways along your nervous system to improve motor skills and energy function. Release stress and muscle tension with yoga, pilates and stretching.

5. Supplementation – Optimize vitamins, minerals and hormones without excess calories. Pharmaceutical grade supplements ensure your body benefits from the right amounts of micronutrients and essential antioxidants. Maintaining your body’s hormone balance with safe and effective therapies to enhance your wellbeing.

6. Professional instruction – Simple, easy to follow steps with ongoing support.Your California professional will tie everything together in an individualized program designed for your specific needs. With constant support and guidance, you will reach your goals in the fastest and safest way possible.