District 1 (hcm)
tầng 6, saigon center, 65 lê lợi, P. Bến thành
Bình Thạnh District (hcm)
tầng 3 vincom landmark81, 772 điện biên phủ, phường 22.
Tây Hồ District (hn)
somerset west point hà nội, 2 tây hồ, p. quảng an
thanh xuân District (hcm)
royal city, 72a nguyễn trãi, p.thượng đình


Transformative, exclusive and the first of its kind, the Centuryon Membership is more than just an elite group of members. It’s an intelligent, powerful statement of one’s commitment to enhancing the quality of your life.

With this unique membership, you will be provided with a truly valuable, convenient and life enhancing environment; allowing you to achieve the highest quality of life.

Centuryon is all about convenience, the service you want

when you want it and where you want it!

Choose to access our exclusive and exquisite Centuryon only clubs in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city or enjoy unlimited access and benefits to over 30 clubs within the FLG Vietnam network and over 400 partners clubs globally.


Centuryon member can nominate up to 1 referrals to enjoy VIP access to all clubs. It's not only double happiness while working out but also shaping the luxury lifestyle only for those who deserve.

Every aspect of your visit has been meticulously planned out, from advanced bookings on all classes and VIP towel / robe services – enjoy access to an exclusive area allowing you to enhance your life in privacy


Centuryon VIP access

  1. Free Gym Access for self
    • Free Access All Clubs in CFYC/ Diamond/ UFC Gym/ Centuryon/ Yoga Plus
  2. VIP access to selected referrals
    • Centuryon member can nominate 1 non-fixed Guest to enjoy VIP access to CFYC, Diamond, Centuryon, UFC. VIP access has different membership parity across different clubs.
  3. Free access to exclusive offers from other FLG Vietnam group brands
    • Special treatment sessions at Eri International, valid for exchange during 6 months
  1. Value Added Services
    • Towel service at all clubs of access (where applicable and free of charge)
    • Access to swimming pool, Hydrotherapy Pool/Jacuzzi, at all clubs of access (where applicable and free of charge)
    • Complimentary Kick-Fit sessions, PT sessions, Yogi & I sessions - 30mins (Non-transferable. Accumulation is not eligible)
    • VIP Luxurious Robe & Towel - 1 per check-in
    • Advance class booking for Cycling and Yoga
    • 1 Daily Drink from Centuryon/ Champion Menu and 1 mineral water per member per day
  2. Priority Access to Exclusive Events & Workshop
    • Centuryon member owns ticket entry to exclusive events & Quarterly workshop (Yoga)

Centuryon is designed to meet the needs and demands of those who accept nothing less than the very best

When you won’t accept anything other than the best -
Centuryon is the place for you!